About us

Built for MiniTruckers

We built this app for the MiniTruckin community. The decision for this app came about from the annoyances from other social media platforms that we are familiar with today.

Our goal is to allow this niche community to represent themselves truthfully without any corporate intervention causing us not to have a place to call our own.

Therefore we built this app using simplicity in mind and removed some of the nonsense from other apps.

We designed our app to make use of all the available space on their mobile devices to really capture the photographs as they are taken.

We have decided to not allow comments on posts so users aren't bombarded with social nonsense and douchey from keyboard gladiators. Our goal is to focus on the lifestyle and give users a place to go when they want escape the crap they see on other platforms.

We hope you will join us and help spread the word to others in the community and really build a new place to share and converse.